Few things about me.

I am Falak (Arabic: Heaven, Sky, Cosmos) . I have been here before, resuming blogging journey again. I am gonna be posting the poems and stories i write in my spare time as i am really passionate about writing and thinking about pursuing it as a full time career. I am a biblophile who would be happy to spend her evenings sitting alone, sipping on coffee and binging on a book. It always felt like i was misfit and misunderstood in my community as there’s not much place for freedom of speech. I could’nt shake the feeling that i belonged to somewhere else. Even though i was an outcast i never tried to fit in with all those people. I was’nt brought up in a strict religious family but my parents still prayed with me and my siblings and taught us about Islam. However i am a non practising muslim and still learning. I never liked the cultural baggage that comes with religion though. I do’nt understand why people judge you when God is there ? I do’nt practise traditions and neither i understand them. There is more to my story as i have spent 3 years on wheelchair after a chronic illness and i am a survivor of Depression, GAD, Social phobia and OCD and still suffer with these disorders. My mental health struggle has made me an unjudgemental person towards people. I think whatever you do, you have your reasons. And which way you will choose, you will be loved. It is true that pain changes people and it has changed me for the better. I am not ashamed of admitting that i have been sick, messed up, broken and bled and is creating something beautiful out of pain. I am just another survivor in the world of surving.

Peace and love ❀

22 thoughts on “Few things about me.

  1. Hi Falak,
    I hope that your troubles are mostly behind you now, and that your health is fully restored.
    I look forward to reading your further thoughts.
    Thank you for following Sound Bite Fiction.
    Peace to you.

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  2. You have a beautiful name Falak. you know sickness and ill health teaches us a lot about ourselves as well as the universe. Makes us think, makes us wonder, makes us reason..and most importantly makes us strong and resilient…I know from first hand experience…welcome back to blogging and hope to read more from you πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

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  3. That was to know more about you Falak. You have a beautiful name! Your kind of people exist in every community I guess, who don’t feel accepted in their own society and religion. I can relate to the feeling of that longing of belonging somewhere else. Personally, I do want to leave from here where do I live right now. Even a lot of told me that I have to get out of this place. Although, we’re here for a reason Falak. I think it prepares us for the place where we’re originally meant to be! πŸ™‚πŸ’ž

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  4. Lovely to meet a kindred soul and i wish you luck on your writing journey. I completely understand what you mean by feeling like an outcast in your society, I felt like that for most of my life, Like I belong somewhere else and not in this tightly cultural and religious society that judges others so harshly for being different. Looking forward to more of your poems and stories.. Hugs

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